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I posted 7 new baby photos and reorganized the page to have thumbnails which you click to get the larger image.

I took Aiyre for her doctor appointment yesterday for some genetics tests for Fragile X and such things. they had to take a urine sample and 3 vials of blood. Aiyre didn't like it at all. Emily and the baby are still doing well. As you can see from the photos Aiyre and I visited yesterday morning before the doctor appointment.

I also remembered, that on the way out of Raytheon to meet Emily when she was in labor I ran into the Lord of Darkness again. This is a guy who works at Raytheon. He has a tatoo, which runs the length of his arm, which reads Lord of Darkness. He is a very creapy looking guy. He's also got tatoos of devils and such on his forearms. So he was out in the parking lot, sitting in his SUV talking on the cell phone(more proof these are evil devices). So it seems Satan drives a Kia Sportage and has MA plates, "LOD 666". Too funny.

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