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My officemate got an email warning from her credit card company today. It seems someone changed the mail address on her account to somewhere in Alabama and switched the email address from a to something else. She jumped on it and switched everything back and changed her password and called the company and put a watch on the account. Really freaked her out. It could have been worse, she leaves for a 2 week vacation in a day or so. She might not have gotten the message until she got back.

The volleybal rankings are in... our social team took first place, which means we get to skip round one of the finals and jump to round two(August 23rd at 6:30pm). If we win that, the finals are on August 30th, along with a cookout. Our competative team took 5th place(of 7). We play in the first round(August 22nd at 5:30) and if we win, we play the first place team in round two(August 22nd at 6:30). If we win that, then we play in the finals on August 30th. The social and competative finals are at the same time, so if it comes down to it, I'll have to choose. I don't expect I'll have to choose.

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