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We managed to win 4 of the 6 games last night. Everyone was exhausted by the end. Actually we won the last 4 of the 6. The first 2 were close, one was 25-27 and the other was 21-25. We have one more makeup game tonight.

My plans for after the birth got screwed up today. I had planned on taking 8-9 weeks unpaid and then using my vacation to work 30 hour weeks for the rest of the year. According to Raytheon policy, in order to get the unpaid time, I must use all my vacation first. I checked with the labor department and that is okay under the fmla.

New plan... Take 3 weeks off when child is born(vacation). Come back to work and sign up for FMLA. Looks like about 10 weeks will get me to Thanksgiving. Work for a couple weeks in december. Take off holidays and use the rest of my vacation time. I assume I won't accumulate any while on unpaid leave, so I'll only have like 10-15 hours to use.

The Raytheon Summer BBQ is today. Looks like ribs, chicken, corn-on-the-cob, etc from 11-1. See you there.

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