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Emily's parent came to visit yesterday. We took a drive up to the edge of the base where you can see the radar. Her father could not fathom building a building of that magnitude for a radar. He kept insisting it was build as a hangar or something else and then converted to a radar.

They took me to dinner at 'beermans'. It was okay. We all ordered desert. It was way too much. We finished about 1 and 1/2 deserts. I now have a slice of carrot cake in my fridge.

I bought an answering machine yesterday, so y'all are welcome to leave me messages. I also bought a new bike. Anyone who wants my old bike is welcome to it. You have to pick it up. Its a 18" schwinn sierra(1985) mountain bike with 18 gears, index shifting, etc. New brakes as of last summer.

I've been out riding around on the bike today and yesterday. I'm starting to get a feel for the neighborhood.

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