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With the end of the pregnancy looming, we need to come up with a plan. Specifically, what do we do with Aiyre during the birth? My mother had been the plan, but with the broken pelvis and such we don't think she'll be up to it.

Some it depends on how fast the contractions build. The guide the hospital sent home suggested that you need to start getting ready to go to the hospital once the contractions are 5-7 minutes apart. That seems to be really much too late.

Emily said that once everything start she is supposed to call her dad, who will hop a plane over from San Fransisco. That's gonna take like 8 hours at least. If all else fails I can miss the birth and stay with Aiyre. I think Justin offered to watch Aiyre, but depending on when it happens he could be at work or off with his girlfriend, etc.

I managed to get an okay photo of Aiyre last night, which Emily posted for Mom to see at the Hospital.

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