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Oh dear

We managed to lose all three volleyball game last night. Part of that was due to being a player short. We had 4 people attempt to make the game, but one got stopped by security at the gate to the Marlboro plant. The guy wouldn't let our team captain, James, in. Our captain didn't have his Raytheon badge, because he took his wives car to work and it was in the other car. The guards in Sudbury sign you in and give you a temp badge for the day. Well, he wasn't on the Marlboro employee list nor the visitor list, so he can not enter. They guy wouldn't verify that he was a Sudbury employee in the computer or by phone. The guy was a abusing his power.

By the time I got the head of Marlboro security to verify his status and approve the entry, it was 25 minutes later and James had gone home.

We talked to the other team about it and they have had problems with that particular security guard in the past. They ended up having the one guy hide in the back or in the trunk while they pass the gates.

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