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We got totally rained on yesterday. The road has huge pot holes and trenches dug into it. I went out last night during a break in the rain and filled some in so they wouldn't be too hazardous. The power went out like 4 times, each for only a couple seconds.

The rain seems like it is about to stop, so we can play volleyball tonight. We may have a double-header to play. I'm not sure when the make-up game was rescheduled to.

I got dragged into work over the weekend to restart a jammed script, which promptly got jammed up again overnight. We are now about 1/3 of the way towards having the data we needed today.

We started watching season 1 of 24 over the weekend. The California Primary season. It is quite interesting. Too bad I'd seen an episode of season 3 at Norms. I know some of the characters survive till then, it kind of spoils the suspense.

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