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Well, I have volleyball again tonight, the competitive team this time. I don't expect it will get called off, but there is a chance of rain/thunderstorms.

I called mom last night. She doesn't seem very happy, but she liked the flowers we sent.

I hit one of the bad spots on our street last night, so after I got home I went out with a rake and filled in some of the worst holes. I hit them on purpose this morning and it was better, but not perfect yet. I may have to go fix them a little more tomorrow night.

Calories are strange... I feel worse eating a freezie pop while riding the exercise bike than I do having some yogurt. I burn more calories in the time it takes me to eat the popsicle than I get by eating it. The yogurt on the other hand, I would have to ride for 45 minutes to burn off those calories...

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