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I gotta get out of here

As I drove around the cloverleaf to get on the Mass Pike I noticed a fairly young deer standing in the middle of the leaf. It just stood there watching the cars go around it. It had a 'rack' with what looked like 4 points, though they were still thick and fuzzy. Happy friendly deer. *grin*

I don't quite understand subsidies... People complain about high prices on some product. The government provides a subsidy to the manufacturer/grower/producer. People get the product cheaper. But do they? Don't they realize that the money the government is spending, on the subsidy, came from higher taxes? Couldn't we just lower taxes and spend more for things getting subsidized?

So we spend a couple trillion on a war to improve the supply of oil so the price will drop... *sigh*

Volleyball got rescheduled because we only had 3 people, though I was willing to play.

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