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Friday night at 11:15 and I'm here at work. Oh to have a life... Well, I'm taking a day off. Tomorrow! I have a huge list of things to do. *sigh*

I've decided to support John Edwards for President. You don't like it. Fine. Register and vote for someone else. If you want to register, go here Just do it.

We achieved on our six sigma project. We had a meeting with the coach today. Hopefully it will become official soon. Hopefully it will help my career. I'm not so sure.

I brought some film for developing. I really need to switch camera with my wife. She has the scanner so she can use real film and scan things. I should have the digital one. I was thinking that I should have recorded a small movie for Aiyre with me saying "good night" so that we could have continued our night time routine. :(

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