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Jim called about 2 this afternoon. It turns out mom also hurt her pinky finger. It is either broken or dislocated. The doctors will meet tomorrow to decide what can be done and what to do about her hip/pelvis breakage. Turns out that someone, apparently, didn't see her and just took a left turn right in front of her. She plowed into the car fender and was tossed up, over, and down the road. The ambulance took her to one hospital. They decided it was too much and transferred her to Albany Medical Center.

Tomorrow they'll decide what to do and take action. At the least, she is looking at 6 weeks of bed rest and physical therapy to get moving again. Jim and cousin Greg were going to take a trailer over and pick up the remains of the bike at some point today.

The Star Wars game went well. We survived our assult mission/rescue mission on some Imperial docking facility. Andrea showed up again and she managed to roll wonderfully when called on to save the day.

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