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I stopped by to see Andrew at the Hospital. He's up in room 435. He was passed out/drugged/asleep when I got there. He seems to have air casts on both legs, his right arm in a sling, and his neck in a brace.

The latest email from his wife indicated 40-50 stitches, 9 broken ribs(3 on one side and 6 on the other), a broken clavicle(collar bone), a broken scapula(shoulder blade), a puntured lung, 3 broken vertebrae, and a 2 inch bruise on his brain. Doh. The email makes it seem like he either hit a parked car or was hit by a car going slow.

Emily's ultrasound turned out okay. I guess their was a chance that the placenta was blocking the uterus, or something, and they'd have to do a C-section. Everything moved around and the way is clear. They guessed the baby was about 7 pounds. They again claimed it was male. Still need to come up with a name.

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