November 7th, 2008

Blah, Yuck


Oiy.. what a day... I was dreading this plan review this morning. Especially after the discussion and such that happened at the last plan review. Heck, we haven't even managed to complete the action items from that review.

This one got quite nasty with arguments about who should be doing what and what each of our jobs is and when stuff is supposed to be done and what each of us learned in 7th grade. Name calling and raise voices and such. I actually had to ask everyone to calm down and act like professionals. Which actually helped... once I got everyone back in line, the rest of the meeting went smoothly... we just ended up with a boat load of extra work/documentation to produce.

The plan was a test plan for subsystem integration... the actual testing was supposed to have finished last Friday. We haven't even started. It'll take us another week or two to clean up the plan and produce expected results and detailed pass/fail criteria. The new 'outlook' from management is that testing should be done Dec 2nd. We'll be lucky if we've started testing by then.
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So... Emily downloaded some game from some iWin games online, Jane's Hotel Family Hero. For some reason it makes her computer loud. Not sure, but it sounds like it puts the various fans into overdrive mode. I thought the dishwasher was running or something. Its really loud.

It just seems bad to me that a program could stress the system that much... or does the program explicitly adjust the fan speed? Can programs access that through the OS?
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