October 31st, 2008

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Ignorance Abounds!

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As has been reported by a few other gaming blogs and news sites, the Charity Auction at this year's GenCon Indianapolis was held to benefit Gary Gygax's favorite charity, which I will not name here for reasons that will soon become obvious. The fine folks at GenCon raised over $17,000 for this charity($17,398.00), which helps starving children in impovershed areas of the world--only to have that money actually turned down by the charity. The charity refused due to the fact that the money was raised partly by the sales of Dungeons and Dragons materials, which as we all know, puts an irrevocable taint of evil on the filthy lucre that us demon-worshipping gamers might want to use to, say, donate to starving children. Not only is this a slap in the face to every gamer, but it is especially insulting to Mr. Gygax himself, who I understand donated to their cause many times over the years. Plus, I'm sure the children who would have gotten food or clean drinking water with that money would be sort of upset, too.

I bring this story to your attention not simply so that you might let the people at this charity know how you feel (especially if you have donated to it before, as many did in the wake of Mr. Gygax's passing), but so that you would be aware that there is an alternative charity that I would personally recommend (based on our own charitable giving) if you have a desire to donate money to help starving children. Plan USA is a worldwide charity aimed at helping those who live in poverty and/or have suffered from a natural disaster, particularly with monthly sponsorships of individual children. Since the money of D&D players is clearly not welcome at this other charity, I can't recommend Plan USA highly enough to those interested in giving anyway. At least if you choose to donate through them, there's no chance your generous gifts to the starving children of the world will be rejected due to your weekend hobby.

(Incidentally, GenCon was also able to find another worthy charity with an entirely different focus, the Fisher House Foundation, that was willing to accept the money given in good faith by GenCon attendees.)

Note Christian Children's Fund is the ignorant fund referenced above....


I was just on Yahoo Mail and there was a 'Vote No on question 1' banner add. I assume based on the subtext that they'd successfully targeted me based on my IP address or cookies or something. Of course, maybe they just dislike question 1(regardless of state)?

I personally like Question 1. This is because I'd like to move to a consumption tax based system and the first step is to eliminate the income tax. If it also acts to help eliminate waste in government, that is good too. I'd prefer to see a 20% sales tax instead of an income tax. Actually I'd like the Feds to switch to a system like that too. "Fair Tax"!

The anti-#1 groups have been spending quite a bit of money to protect the income tax... which I don't understand. They don't see to realize that there are other ways of funding government. A bit too set in their ways...
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