October 20th, 2008



We spent the weekend hanging around the house. The kids have been sick and I've got a sore throat, so its only a matter of time before I really get it. I warned them at work, that I might be out sick tomorrow. I'm not actually feeling that bad right now, but this morning I really felt like crap. I wasn't sure if I should bother driving in just to leave early and drive home. However, I manage to suffer through the whole day.

I beat Aiyre home from school.. so I took Evan for a walk. I wasn't intending to go far, as I knew Emily was working on dinner and I didn't feel so good. However, we ended up walking up the big hill down to the park. Evan played for a while and kind played with some of the other kids. He kind of just followed them around and did what they did.

Overall he was very good, even when I decided we should leave the park and walk back home. He didn't give me any trouble until we got to the backyard. He didn't want to come back inside.
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