August 14th, 2008



OK... seems like the Ruskies are getting out of hand. Its one thing to stop the attack on civilians, but to continue the attack after having a cease fire... thats not nice.

Of course, maybe we are giving more credit to the russian chain of command than we should. Could be the local commander is just doing whatever he wants.


Final VB game of the regular season tonight. We are 15 and 12 for the season so far. If we kick butt tonight we might make the 2nd place seed for the finals.
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2 and 1

We won the first two games, but they squeaked by on the third one. There was a disputed point at 23-23 and they won the do over and then the next point to put them at 25-23 winning the game.

So... we are 17 and 13 for the season. Play-off schedule to be announced.

As of this morning, my weight was down to 215#.
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