July 27th, 2008

Aiyre at 6


The user-pic for Aiyre is titled, Aiyre at 6. Well, she'll be 8 in a couple days... I guess it might be time to upgrade.

Aiyre got invited over to the neighbors to swim this morning. She enjoyed it. The pool was quite cool. Cooler than the lake anyway. They have a Wii Fit game, which they like. I may have to try it out. We may have to trade a few games back and forth.

I spent this morning on a ladder cleaning out the second floor gutters and adding gutter goo to seal the edge of the gutter where it meets the house. Went fine... other than the heights... which I really don't like. We got some good downpours this afternoon. Seemed to work... except for the back. It was draining down the pipe, but it still overflowed. I'm guessing the pipe has a bit of blockage. *sigh*
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