March 15th, 2008


Puddy Tat

Aiyre and I spent the morning at the Worcester Animal Rescue League(WARL). Just after noon, we managed to find just the right kitty for us. He's an 18 month old DSH. Black with a little white on his neck and tiny white spot on one of his rear feet.

The name they had for him at the shelter was "Fenster". Not sure if we are allowed to pick our own name, especially seeing as he doesn't answer to it or anything.
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After bitching about Kerry just a day or two ago, this morning I get an email from the Kerry re-election campaign to come to the signature collection day. Like, s'ya. I'd sooner run myself then put my name on a petition to get him back on the ballot.

Everyone was all excited about the kitty today. It have been very tolerant of the kids and loving and cuddly. I really got lucky.

Aiyre has been really bipolar lately. For nearly a week she's been flopping from crying to giggling several times a day. Just bawling for no reason at all. She's sitting at the dinner table eating pizza(her favorite) and crying about it. Women....
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