March 9th, 2008

Snow, Winter


Aiyre and I walked up the fruit stand and bought a dozen seedless oranges for $1.98 and walked home. We managed to time it just right and didn't get wet. Gotta love that weather radar.

Mom came out to visit yesterday. Hung out played with the kids, took us out to Friendly's for lunch. We played a set of Wii, tennis, baseball, bowling, golf. She picked it up quick. I hadn't played in a while, so now I've got Wii Arm or Wii Elbow or Wii Shoulder or all three.

Well, I knew the rain was coming and intended to double check the gutters, but I didn't. Turns out they were both clogged. I had to lean out the second floor window with a pole and hook to try and dislodge some of the crap. I got totally soaked and freezing cold.
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