March 5th, 2008



Well, I've now gotten both of this year's refunds, for a total of about $5400. Neither amount looked right, so I'll have to wait for the paperwork in the mail to see where the mistakes/typos are.

I called California and they are still working on my Tax Year 2004 refund. Moving along.. but don't expect any response until about Memorial Day. *sigh*
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I've got to do an interview for some guy today. Looking him up on google reveals a lot of material regarding evolution and god and such. His website shows him in a religious outfit with the black/white collar thingy and such.

The job opening requires detailed knowledge radar tracking and scheduler algorithms. I don't think we want to limit applicants to that, but I didn't write the job listing. So, unless this guy has something he doesn't list on his resume, we can't hire him. That requirement should really have been a 'desired'.
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Raytheon, Work


Turns out the interviewee was the son of the guy we found on the web. Didn't seem to be as crazy as we expected.
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