January 22nd, 2008

Snow, Winter


Well, I got all the Thule information I wanted and just need to make a decision now...

Some interesting tidbits...

"If the weather is bad in Thule the flight may be diverted to St Johns, Newfoundland; Kangerlussuaq, Greenland; Keflavick, Iceland; or Frobisher Bay, Canada."

"Thule also known as Pituffik"

"Survival gear is required to be carried with you when you go up to the radar facility from 15 September thru 15 May. The survival gear consists of a parka, winter pants, mittens, special boots, face mask. This gear is to be used only in case of emergency if you are caught in a storm while traveling to/from the radar site from the main base."

"No internet access in the dorms. There is no pharmacy here. There are no standard commercial phone lines at Thule. If you have a cell phone that works in Europe, it may work at Thule... Sometimes."

"Mess hall meal costs: Breakfast $1.70; Lunch & Dinner $3.30 each."

"There is a gym with an endless pool, movie theater, library, community center, BX, deli, post office, barber, dry cleaner."
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