January 17th, 2008



Wouldn't ya know it. UFO comes to earth and by freak chance, swings by Texas. Guess we will never see them again. They said something like 40-50 people saw this huge flying thing. One pilot guesstimated the speed at over 2000mph and said they saw fighter jets trying to chase the thing(and failing). It supposedly lingered over this town in Texas for like 4-5 minutes. Long enough for some people to go inside to get their spouses, but not long enough for anyone to take a picture. Morons. Most guessed the thing was about 1/2 mile wide and a mile long. Just huge. The news had a clip of some local saying the thing was "as big as a walmart'. Figures, that would be the only thing they could compare the size to.

Flying Walmart... Its probably a ploy by Walmart. Develop a flying store to make the rounds in small towns where they don't have Walmart.
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