December 13th, 2007

Candy, Egg, Easter


Only 2 more work days this year. Yippie.

Yesterday was the lab pot luck luncheon(which spanned the whole day). Yesterday afternoon there was an IDS celebration for SSC(free beer/wine/goodies/etc).

Today is the department party at Firefly's. 2:30-5:30. Of course, with the snow coming in, it'll be kind of dead I expect as people flee the snow. Whiners. In Worcester county, they are predicting 20-25cm. Its supposed to stop by midnight, so maybe school will be open in the morning.

Tomorrow at work'll really be dead(my last day this year).
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Raytheon, Work


They cancelled the holiday party because of the snow. Bunch of whiners. The radar shows MA totally covered in snowfall, but it isn't snowing here and it hasn't snowed yet in Worcester. Very strange.

Anyway, I'm modifying my plans and taking the rest of the year off. I'll have to stay till about 4pm today, but after that I'm free and clear. I've already hauled my holiday decorations out to the car.

I've got to finish up and document my accomplishments for the year, etc. The real question is.. will I get home before or after Aiyre?
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Snow, Winter


Leave work : 4:02
Arrive home : 8:18
Total Time : 4 hours 16 minutes

Distance : 25 miles.

I'm betting there are quite a few people who could have run that distance in less than that time. Oiy-vey. What a mess. Abandoned cars all over the place. People just left them in traffic. In some places a 3 lane road goes down to 1 lane as it dodges between cars and even there, it gets held up as people with bad tires slide around. Couple times I just sat for 4-5 minutes in the same spot before inching forward.
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