November 27th, 2007


Club Ray

Norm used to call Raytheon Club Ray. With the temperatures in here, now I know why. Its a spa. Its over 32C again this morning.


They had the problem licked yesterday before I left(or so it seemed). Not sure what happened over night, but nothing is blowing out of the vents.
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It would take 30 bottles of Killian's to kill me

Huh.. it said 24 rum-n-cokes. Adam got 37 somethings and I know he weighs quite a bit less than I do. I thought more weight resulted in more drinks. I also had been told that most drinks had about the same amount of alcohol(stupid high school health class). They really gloss over the difference between 151 and schnapps.

Oh yeah, I found two cans of Coors Light on the side of the road a week or so back. Unopen. Free for the taking. First Come First Servered(21 or older please).
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