October 11th, 2007


Field Trip

At 11:45, we all get to pile into a couple buses for the trip to Andover for a tour of the manufacturing facility, etc. They've been complaining about costs and such... and now the team gets a 4-5 hour tour and bus ride(bus rental). Yeah.. this will help our productivity for this month.

So.. I think I'm a fiscal conservative... I think that most of the 'stuff' in the federal budget shouldn't be there. The latest things is this SCHIP thing. Sure, insurance for kids is a great idea, but its not something that should be in the domain of the federal budget/government. Most of the fluff in the budget isn't really stuff that would fall into the domain of the feds(if you were to actually read the constitution).

I'd also love to see 'government funded science' get off the federal budget on a project by project basis. I wouldn't mind seeing a 'national science foundation/research' line item. It just bugs me that lobbists (who seem to decide most of the federal budget) deciding what gets researched and what doesn't.

Okay.. I'm done ranting for now. Sorry. I must be cranky in my old age.
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