October 10th, 2007


Electric Birthday

We've got an electrician coming today to give us a quote. We're looking at putting in a tankless water heater. In order to do that we'll need 3, 220V lines run over to the location. We'll also need 3 separate 50Amp circuits. Our panel is only rated to 125 Amp, so we'll also have to upgrade to a 200Amp panel. Mark suggested this may run us a couple grand. Doh. We may put off this upgrade till we find a new house.

Looks like chilly and rainy for the next couple days. I keep forgetting to bring an umbrella to work. At least the rain had stopped while I was walking into the building today. We've been getting really minimal power out of the solar panels for the last week. I managed to run the batteries mostly dry and they've slowing been building up a charge. Part of the problem seems to be that the house now blocks the panels earlier in the day(because the sun is lower in the sky. Maybe we should get one of those mounting/sun tracking poles.

Also... its my Birthday! Lasagna and Cake, here I come. Also.. Happy Birthday to my sister and Phil(if he's still in the country). Sadly, I don't know exactly when your birthdays are, I just know they are real close to mine. My guess is, Phil is on the 11th and my sister's is on the 9th.
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Bad news from the electrician. Pretty much he said 'dont do it. He wouldn't offer an estimate on running the new line cause he can't get into the ceiling to see what is up there. The power requirements in the manual 'blew his mind'.

It might be cheaper to go off grid and use just solar.
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