September 10th, 2007

Raytheon, Work


I've got a meeting to attend tomorrow with the stated adgenda of "On behalf of the CJR Program, I would like to present you with an award to recognize your recent performance in support of the Common Back-End."

Includes coffee and pastry. Oh boy.
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We finally got a little bit of rain yesterday. It has been so dry. Quite a few storms have rolled through over the last month or so, but they all seemed to miss our house. The lawn is brown and crunchy in quite a few places.

At least the area has gotten rain so the river/wells/etc have been staying full.

I'm on hold with the CA tax board waiting on hold for them to pick up. Yippie! They answered... They are still working on the tax form I sent them in Febuary. During the summer, when I called, they said to call back in September. Well, here is is Sept 10th. Not done yet. I'll call back before Xmas. I think they want to hang onto my 700 bucks as long as possible.
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