September 7th, 2007



I took today off of work. Not vacation, but just because I had already accumulated 40 hours by Thursday. Anyway, I put Aiyre on the bus this morning and hung out. We 'interviewed' a Clark U student for a babysitting position. He came by at 10isg this morning to play with Evan for a while. Evan seemed to like him and was upset when he left.

After Evan's nap, we hit Quinsig for some beach time. The water was nice as it was quite hot today. Evan got to chuck a bunch of rocks. They pretty much closed down for the season. No lifeguard and didn't even have the rope for the roped off area out.

We are starting a new D&D game this Sunday, so I've been brainstorming and getting ready. Bunch of new people, so hopefully, everyone will be compatible.
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