August 24th, 2007



TGIF and none too soon. This week was a bit of a drag. I got asked to "prereview" Mr. Leary's code package to help out the normal moderator(who would have had to prereview it). I did, it took 2.9 hours. It would have taken me another 1.5 hours(or so) to actually make all the changes to bring the code up to spec. Well, ML took the whole rest of the week to gripe and complain and argue about the comments/suggestions/etc. It wasn't till 3:30 today when he finally got all the fixes made. It took him 30+ hours to do what I could have done in 1.5 hours. No wonder the project is behind.

We went to Solomon Pond Mall this evening, for dinner and cool exercise. I guess its been a while since I was there cause there were a huge number of new stores and such. Holy cow. Evan and Aiyre enjoyed the change of pace and the variety and such.

It got warm again. Its hot(low to mid 30's) and sticky out. Bleck. I much prefer it when the high is 22 to 25 or so.
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