August 20th, 2007

Raytheon, Work


What a morning. The universe is just trying to kick me in the balls for taking a couple days off. I forgot my VB stuff. I packed it. Its just sitting on the desk.

I forgot/lost my badge. Normally, not a big deal, you just sign in/out when you enter/leave the building. However, I work in a secure area. I have to swipe my badge and enter a code to get the door to open. So.. every time I use the bathroom, get something to eat, stretch my legs, use the microwave, etc. I'll be stuck. I can just leave, but to get back in I have to ring the doorbell and wait for someone to let me in.
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We(Dig First Die Later) came out tied for second place. The first and second rounds of the playoffs are Wednesday. We play the 6th place team(Dead Last) at 5:30. Assuming we win, we'll play the winner of "Spiked Punch" and "Not in the Face".

From there to the finals(and cookout) on 8/28.
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