July 31st, 2007


What a way to start...

Well, I took off work yesterday so today is really my Monday. Evan got us up at 5am. I get ready for work and pack up my bag. Emily hops in the shower and I head out to the car. Well, the car is locked. I grab for my keys. Doh! Back to the front door to find its locked too. Doh!

After standing around for a bit pounding on the door, which Emily didn't hear, I decided to break in. I slip open the living room window. Lean in and yell for Emily, which she also didn't hear. *sigh* Okay, I clean off the window sill and hop through onto the couch.

I grab my keys and walk back out to the car. Hopefully things will get better from here. I've got Volleyball tonight.
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We got our butts kicked tonight. It was icky hot and sunny. We lost all three games. In reality we should have lost to forfeit because we were short players, but they let us play. We were actually winning until our other players showed up. Doh.

The in-laws left before I got home so I didn't see them today. We are supposed to be doing the zoo on Thursday, so I'll have to take half a day off. Sounds like we are supposed to take the kids out to NY to visit their relatives over the weekend. What a way to relax. Doh.
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