July 3rd, 2007



Turns out my electric weed-whacker draws so little juice I can run it off the solar panel/battery/inverter. I was able to whack the whole yard and an hour later, the battery was "full" again. Sweet. Maybe the mower can be run that way too.

Our hedgehog/weasel/creature, which has been living under the compost pile died. Its corpse is just outside of its nest. Well, not so much corpse as bones and fur. At least it wasn't a pile of maggots like the dead skunk was.

Emily is off to see the Transformers movie. I may go this afternoon once she gets back. I've been off of work since Thursday. I'll be off again tomorrow and then I'll probably go in and work half days on Thursday and Friday seeing as its supposed to rain.

My neck is still messed up. The pain comes through 2400mg of Tylenol. Doh.
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Worcester Fireworks Extravaganza

Aiyre and I headed down to catch the fireworks display on Shrewsbury St. We got there before 7pm and parked 0.6 miles up Shrewsbury St. in a vacant parking lot. The place was packed with people. It wasn't so bad at 7pm, but by 9pm it was really tight.

Some religious group was handing out free paper American flags(Made in China). I checked to make sure it had the correct number of stars and stripes, which it did, so we kept them and detached the religious advertisement.

Aiyre used the playground for a bit then we stood in the long line for ice cream. Cones in hand we secured a spot to sit and wait for the show. Before we'd even finished the cones, the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra started their show. It was a little slow at the beginning with all the thanks and acknowledgments, but good once the music started. Aiyre got up and flailed around to the music spraying the remains of her ice cream on the adjacent visitors.

We sat along the fence around the pool and waited for the fireworks. I didn't know there was a pool, we may have to come back the next time Quinsig is closed for bacteria levels. Anyway, Aiyre rocked to the music while I sat and waited, watching the huge flow of people past our spot. Nearby fireworks displays, probably illegal, kept Aiyre's attention for the hour or so we waited. By the time it was dark and they dimmed the lights, everyone near us was standing so we couldn't see anything.

We stood and prepared to move, just in case. When the show started it was off to the side. We plopped down and had a great view. If anything the show was a bit long. Aiyre was getting restless and I was yawning towards the end. I couldn't help but think about how much money the show was costing the city. Probably tens of thousands. Those big fireworks can be a couple hundred bucks each and shooting them off every couple seconds for 20 minutes adds up. I just couldn't stop thinking about how many teachers/tutors you could have hired/paid.

Its like that bumper sticker, "There is always money for war, but not for education." What kind of education level would we have if we had spent had spent the 347 billion on education instead of the war? Thats something like a couple thousand per student per year. Enough to cut class size in half.

Anyway, we liked the show and we parked far enough away that we were not trapped in the gridlock which surrounded the end of the show on Shrewsbury St. By the time we got Aiyre home and in bed it was after 11pm.
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