July 1st, 2007



Aiyre and I are back from our three day beach extravaganza. Okay, it wasn't quite all that, but we did you swimming quite a bit. Twice on Friday, 4 or 5 times on Saturday and then again once this morning. This morning, Jim's sister and her husband showed up via boat. They brought their fairly grown daughter(age unknown, bikini=pink) and her friend(age a little older, bikini=brown). We went tubing and water skiing. Aiyre road in the boat and I got to do a bit of skiing.

Last night I went down to Schenectady. I just missed KKB, so I caught a movie on my own. I just missed Rataboli(sp?). So I caught Live Free or Die Hard. Fairly good flick. Lots of shooting/explosions/unrealistic crap, but fun anyway.

Not sure what the plan is for next week. Last weather report I saw called for rain on Wed-Fri. Aiyre has school Mon-Tue so we can't head out till Tuesday night. We may just want to skip out on the 4th this year and do the vacation next weekend or something.
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