June 14th, 2007



We managed to win 2 of the 3 games. Combined with the 3 out of 3 from last week gives us 5 out of 6. The game we lost was close at least 21 to 25 at the end. Some of our players really got kind of sloppy in the middle, just pushing the ball over and such, not really paying attention to the game. Ah, well, it is the social league. Joe still got kind of snotty with them, of course, he is like that.

So some war college professor finally figured out that we are going to loss the war in Iraq. Like Duh. I've known that for a while. Using a military force like ours against a guerrilla force is just stupid. Your best bet against that is to pull out and wait for the guerrillas to organize so you have something substantiative to fight against.
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Go Equality!

The legislature after voting last session to include a proposed ban on gay marriage on the ballet have this session, voted NOT to include it. Yippie! I'm sure out guy in Worcester voted the wrong way, seeing as hes been speaking at anti-gay marriage rallies and such. At least its over for a couple years. Hopefully the wackos will get used to the idea and come to accept it.

Mom is coming to visit tomorrow. Gonna babysit so Emily and I can catch a movie/eat out/etc. Hmm... whats playing?
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