May 16th, 2007

Aiyre at 6


Aiyre decided to get up at 4am. *sigh* She comes in and wakes us up and tries to climb into bed with us. Uh, nope, back to bed. She went, but she just hung out in her room making noise till like 4:45 when she got up and just went downstairs. Once down there, she really started howling in earnist.

She woke Evan up at 5am, so we all got up. *yawn* Sure thats when I probably should have gotten up anyway, but I was still tired.
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I noticed something hanging from the neighbor's front door so I walked up to see what it was. It was a business card and a door hanger for various types of cable service. I guess they disconnected their service and the cable company decided to leave a note for whoever moves in.

I wonder if there is anyway to search for home sales and pending transactions and such. I'd like to know for sure if the house was sold or if they just moved out.
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