May 3rd, 2007


Alive! ...still...

Well, I'm not completly healed, but I'm better for the most part. Just a little lingering stomach pain. I'm back to work and swamped.

Still looking for suckerssponsers for The Walk for Hunger this Sunday. Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?
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Well, back at work. I've already been asked, twice, if I wanted to go to Fullerton CA to work on a proposal for 30 days. I've also been asked, again, if I wanted to be a section manager.

At least I found out what my raise was this year. I was surprised it was as high a percentage as it was considering how much I already make. Just under 5700. I'll be lucky to see 3000 after taxes.

Speaking of which, Dad sent me a check for a portion of the summer camp he sold. It wasn't a huge amount considering he only owned a third of it and then kept half and split the remaining money amongst the kids. Sort of like a third of a half of a third.
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