April 30th, 2007

Evan at 1

Puking Wunderful

Well, Evan is sick now, but Aiyre seemed well enough that Emily sent her to school. Poor little guy is puking up a storm.

Knowing my luck, I resist the sickness till Friday afternoon and I'll be sick for the weekend. Maybe I should just expose myself now and get it over with.
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Well, it must be catching... Emily started horking this evening after putting Evan to bed. He seemed somewhat fine to by the time I got home. No horking this afternoon.

Aiyre also seemed fine. Emily sent her to school and she's been active this evening. I've got her playing Wii tennis, sort of. She's got the hang of serving, but not the volley return bit so she only scores if the other team misses the serve.

I had to switch the Wii sporting left handed because my shoulder couldn't take the movement without sending my brain stabbing pain signals. Doh. My volleyball career is prolly over.
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