April 26th, 2007



We are the new owners of a washing machine. I attempted to buy a mid-range priced one but they were out of stock so I got the cheapest one I could find. Something like Inglish brand. In the store the Energy rating was missing so I assumed it was bad. However, it turns out the expected KWH usage is 234. All the ones I was looking at and considering were between 350-450. It seems the low energy ones were missing their tags... very strange.

The washer is all hooked up. The dryer on the other hand needs some vent work. I've got the dryer in place and the vent tubing pointed up towards the hole in the ceiling, but it doesn't line up with the hole. I'd like to cut a new hole, which does line up with a stud in the roofing supports, to feed the venting through.

Evan is already in bed, so that'll have to wait for tomorrow. Maybe once I get the tubing into the attic I can turn it and run it out through the side venting instead of up through the roof. We still have not solved the fundemental problem with the roof vent. That problem is that the dryer lets so much lint into the exhaust that it clogs up the 'grill' on the roof vent.

Still looking for sponsers for The Walk for Hunger. Come on Norm, if you don't sponser me I'll call and convince your kids to make you take them. Then you'll have to sponser them and you'll have to do a 20 mile walk.
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