March 31st, 2007



I've move my solar panels to the side yard in an effort to get more sunlight. Their location in the back allowed for 2 hours of direct sun. In the side yard, the get sun from sunrise till 2:30 or so in the afternoon.

I still need to come up with a better solution to using the power too. I don't want to leave the inverter on all the time and right now the only thing plugged into it is a single light. It'd be nice if the inverted didn't come on till I attempted to draw power, but that's what I get for ten bucks. Maybe just do up two light switches... one to enable to DC power to the inverted and one to enable the AC power from the inverter to.. well, whatever.

We took the kids up the park today for a little over an hour. They seemed to enjoy it quiet a bit. Aiyre liked the see-saw best and Evan liked the slide best.
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