January 31st, 2007



So, on the NPR this morning they were discussing Mitt Romney's chances for president. The interviewed some South Carolina local guy. Sounded like a real hick. Anyway, the guy is talking about Romney being a Mormon and such. So, the guy says, "Well, lots o people thinks that Mormons some kind a cult. Well, it aint, its a religion, and like every other religion, they believes in Jesus Christ."

Since when did every religion start believing in Jesus Christ? What ever happened to all those nice greek and roman religions(etc)? Where are the Priest of Thor, Zeus, Dionesis, etc?

I guess I don't see why those religions are any less valid than today's modern religions.

I've been seeing a lot of uproar over teach Yoga in school because the christian parents are complaining about separation of church and state. The school is just attempting to keep the kids healthy.
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