January 1st, 2007

Raytheon, Work

Sounds Like?

Hippo Gnu Deer!
Pappy Lewd Peer!
Crappy Stew Fear!
Happy New Year!

Last day of vacation. Well, really the last vacation day was a week or so ago. This last bunch of days has been 'holidays'. In any case, back to work tomorrow.

Aiyre and I went to the fireworks last night. We parked up at the top of the hill on Route 9 at the park and walked down the hill to the courthouse. We timed it perfectly, just as we arrived, the fireworks started. They seem to have been shooting them off from up at the top of the hill. From the plaza, the only view you got was between the police station and some apartment building. So.. if you were not in just the right place your view was obscured. On the way down, I considered stopping at the pedestrian overpass to watch from there, figuring it had a great view of the plaza, but alas, I kept walking. In any case, Aiyre liked them. She didn't care for the long walk up the hill afterwards though.

Emily and I stayed up for midnight watching POTC 2. I don't think either of us cared for the ending.
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Got my test results back from the doctor. Everything looked good, no parasites, etc. My white blood cell count was a little high, but I was just getting over a cold, so that was expected.

Cholesterol(HDL = 51 / LDL = 108)
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