December 1st, 2006


Gay Question

Okay... in MA gay marriage is currently legal. Forces are attempting to change that... but for now. Legal.

My question is about other states. Take Utah(or any other state). Marriage is between one man and one woman. Great. What is a man? What is a woman?

Easy, yes? No. Most of the definitions of man involve being 'male'. Likewise for women. The first definition of those involves X/Y chromosome pairs or X/X chromosome pairs. No state currently requires a genetic test to prove you are a male or female.

Enter 'sex change'. I happen to have X/Y chromosomes. If I get a sex change and become a lesbian can I marry genetic woman in Utah? Hard to say. We both have the right kind of chromosomes. Is that good enough or must I be 'manly'?

I'm a little confused about how states can regulate the issue with forcing all couples to submit to a DNA test, which might be considered an invasion of privacy.
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I watched two more episodes of House last night. I'm still an episode behind. But, he is really getting screwed over. That cop... oh, is he looking to get murdered or something.
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