November 21st, 2006


Royale with Cheese

I went to see Casino Royale yesterday. I'm not entirely sure I liked it. It did have some cool action sequences and all that, but it all had some slow moments. Very slow. I was caught up the whole movie by looking at his hair. All I heard about the movie before hand was that this Bond was more true to the books, except for his blonde hair. There were a couple scenes when the sun hit his hair just right that it almost looked like blonde highlites, but this guy is a brunette, not a blonde. (see userpic for actual blonde hair)

The movie's opening chase sequence seemed clearly inspired by urban acrobats. Lots of jumping, bounce, bounding, etc. Kind of interesting.

Emily's new video card showed up. It didn't work right. It required a 300 watt power supply and she only had a 150 watt. So.. another part on order.
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