November 7th, 2006

Blah, Yuck


So the other night I had a dream that Kate got some high powered job in Chicago. She didn't have to start for 3 months so she was going to come stay with us so we could play D&D. Maybe we can play a little D&D when we are out over Thanksgiving. I'm not sure what KKB have planned or where they will be.

Later that same night I had one of those dreams where it starts with you waking up. I came downstairs and found that Aiyre had just called herself in sick to school.

I'm still sick and still on the downslope. I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Doh. Emily seem okay, but Evan had a cough and Aiyre has sniffles.
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Today is election day. Please go vote unless you are a warmonger/insane/delusional (ie. Republican).

There is no school today, so even if I wasn't sick, I had planned to stay home and help out taking care of Aiyre. We'll probably hit Wendy's for lunch and then vote. Our polling place is a half a dozen buildings up the road from the Wendy's.
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