November 6th, 2006



I thought the president was the head of the executive branch of government. Shouldn't he be back in Washington doing his job? Why is it that the president can fly around campaigning on tax dollars instead of on his party's money(or the party he is campaigning for)? All the extra secret service OT and such to cover flights and campaign rallies has got to be quite a bit of cash.

Anyway, NPR has a vote by issues quiz for the governor's race in MA.

Glad to see the president and his pro-life party happy about Saddam's verdict. Death by hanging, just like back in Texas. Very pro-life. I'm also a little confused about how the pro-lifers rally around the war effort. Seems to be something they would be opposed to. In their eye, I guess the war doesn't kill as many people as abortions do. Looked like the war kill a little over 500,000 and there were just under 900,000 abortions last year. Wow. I wonder when the US of A would have hit 300,000,000 if we hadn't been killing off about a million babies a year. We might be at 350 now.

CDC abortion stats :
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