November 5th, 2006



My mother came out to visit yesterday. We mostly just hung out and chatted. She did take us out for lunch at Friendly's... ice cream. Turns out she has jury duty the week of Thanksgiving. One of those deals where you have to call the night before to find out if you have to show up.

We are planning to spend Thanksgiving with them this year. Aiyre and I will probably drive out Tuesday after school and Emily and Evan will drive out on Wednesday. Depending on how much of a pain Evan is we may not stay too long. I'm taking the whole week off of work, so I'm flexible.

I think I'm getting sick. I've got a sore throat/lump in my throat with a runny nose, headache, and general weakness/tiredness. *pout* Why can't I get sick during the week so I can miss meetings instead of on the weekend. I'm planning to take Tuesday off to help Emily with Aiyre, who has no school that day. I may have to take off on Monday too. Maybe just take half a day... depends how I feel.
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Snow, Winter

Cold Elections

Sure Daylight Savings Time might save money on electricity for the country as a whole, but for me it doesn't. Now instead of getting up in the dark and having 3-4 hours of light after work, I get up in the dark and have 2-3 hours of light after work. Much less if I work even a little late.

I drive through Framingham on the way into work and most of the election signs I see there seem to be for two opposing write-in campaigns. Dawn Harkness and 'Sanchez'. I didn't catch what office they are for. I wonder what happened to cause the write-in rage this year.

Tuesday is election day and I know I want to vote for these people, "Patrick, Coakley, and No, Yes, No on the three questions." I drive so far and see so many local campaign advertisements that I'm not sure who else will be on the ballots in Worcester.

I seem to have a slow leak in my passenger side rear tire. About once a week, I need to pump it up because it has lost a significant amount of air. I'll have to have it looked at... Maybe on Tuesday when I'm off of work.
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