October 22nd, 2006


Weekend End

Aiyre and I went to Southwick Zoo yesterday. She seemed to really enjoy it. She liked the little monkeys and the petting zoo part. That was a huge surprise. She normally really hated any interaction with animals. I had to drag her away from that part 3 times.

We played outside a bunch this weekend and I got most of the yard leaf free, for the moment anyway. Looks like TWW might be moving again. No sign yet. We have not seen them in a couple weeks. Neither car. The had someone come and cleanup their yard yesterday, mow the lawn, clean up the leaves, trim the bushes, etc. A couple weeks ago, just about the last time we saw them, they hired a team to come sealcoat the driveway.

Today, someone came with a circular saw and cut off the last couple feet of their driveway. That last bit was actually in the street, so I doubt it was legal. I think the reason was because they are anal. A couple years ago, someone with a snowplow tore up the end corners of their driveway. So, if you pay attention to such thing you it might not look nice.

We are hopeful that they put the house on the market at a reasonable price. Not the 280K crap they wanted before.
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