October 8th, 2006

Aiyre at 6


Aiyre and I went up to Potter's Kill today. I got some pictures which may get posted when we get home. She likes walking around and tossing rocks in the water. Given how often she tripped on tree roots she was walking a bit too close to the edge of the cliffs and such for my tastes.

We walked around for about 2 hours. As it warmed up I took off her jacket and tied it to my backpack. I should have just put it in backpack because it eventually came untied and dropped. I didn't notice it was missing till we were back at gramma's house. I went back and ran the trails till I found it. It fell off in one of the streams. Someone else found it first and tossed it on the bank, but it was still sopping wet.

Since I've moved away and returned, I've noticed that a lot of the streams and brooks around here are called [something] Kill. Is kill a proper English word for stream or is that Dutch or something?
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