September 28th, 2006

Anime, Excited


This weekend is dauphinous's birthday. I'll make up a cake on Saturday. Probably take Aiyre shopping for a bit to see if we can find anything worthly of dauphinous.

On Sunday she was looking for some of our friends to come over. Not much participation at this point. Cake, ice cream, maybe a little gaming. Fun times for all.

I finished watching Jackie Brown last night. We also caught Season 3, Episodes 2 and 3 of House. What is it with that girl? He is getting pretty old and frumpy looking. I can see if he was using his British accent, but come on.
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Raytheon, Work


I've got another interview tomorrow. This one is an RPI grad. First name is 'Gabi'. That's kind of unique. Maybe short of Gabriel? Maybe a nickname? They are from Romania. Maybe its a traditional name there?

Section Meeting on Monday. Free Lunch!

There is supposed to be a 4pm meeting in the Cafe, talking about MDA's future and crap. Maybe some free cookies...
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