August 30th, 2006

Aiyre at 5


Aiyre had her first day of kindergarden(again) yesterday. School got out at 3pm. About 4:30 we called because she wasn't home yet. They bitched that all the buses were late, not to worry. We called again at 4:55. Bus got lost, went to the wrong address, etc. Only 3 kids left, not more than 10 minutes. 5:20 the bus arrives. Aiyre is crying, still 3 kids left on bus. They got lost trying to find our house. Aiyre was probably upset because they kept driving by stuff she knew and not stopping.

Mom was still here, visiting from Evan's birthday, so she gave Aiyre Evan's leftover ice cream. We started her movie(Toy Story 2) and that calmed her a bit. We decided Outback was out, so we ordered pizza and hung out. Aiyre and I popped out to get the pizza, but other than that we just hung and watched the movie.

She'll probably be a pain today because she'll not want to go to school or get on the bus after that ride home yesterday.
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